Are You Using Projects or Project-Based Learning?

Projects or Project-Based Learning?

Sometimes, we& using project-based learning and sometimes, we& just doing projects. Our resident PBL expert and director of eLearning, Brianne Gidcumb

TED talks can really help prepare your high-schooling teen for life! High-school is way more than content...find character and people-skill training here.

10 TED Talks Your Teen Needs to Watch Before Graduation

TED talks can really help prepare your high-schooling teen for life! High-school is way more than content.find character and people-skill training here. Erfolg im Abitur - Mit ZENTRAL-lernen.

I like this high school math teacher's blog. She has a lot of interactive notebook ideas and creative practice activities.

Interactive Notebook Entry: Graphing Using Slope-Intercept Form My Rating: Excellent! This site demonstrated several visual tools that students can use to learn about graphing equations in high school mathematics.

Use stations and rotations for effective peer editing. High school English. Middle school English. Writing. Teaching writing. Secondary ELA.

Peer Editing Stations and Rotations

Teach Your Child to Read - Use stations and rotations for effective peer editing. - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

High School Reading List

Our High School Reading List (Many Free for Kindle!)

High School Reading List - what will you have your students read? This is our list -- classic books, great literature, and important books about our faith we think our kid should read before they graduate. Many of these books are free on Kindle!

Outline for developing an argument - would be great to use before a persuasive paper or debate

Teacher Resources

As an English teacher, it will be essential to write and present persuasive arguments. This useful graphic organizer will help students build an argument for either a speech or an essay.

What does it take to homeschool high school?  Not as much as you think.

It's Not That Hard to Homeschool High School

100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know

100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know published by Houghton Mifflin Company Basically every kiddo needs to grow their vocabulary.

Are you intimidated by planning high school requirements for your homeschool? The process does not need to be difficult, especially for the core courses. Read this to learn how to easily handle each subject -- and download a free printable form!

How to Plan High School Core Courses in Your Homeschool

Totally free high school curriculum, including 180-day planners. For courses from math to literature to forensics to biology and many others.

Easy Peasy All-in-One High School Curriculum was created by a homeschooling dad. The curriculum is faith-based and covers math, science, history, and Bible courses as well as other courses such as forensics.

Are you wanting to homeschool high school but afraid you won't give your teen enough college preparation? This fear does not need to stop you! Read to see how you can be SURE you're doing enough to prepare your student for college.

College Preparation for the Homeschooled Teen: How You Can Be SURE You're Doing Enough

Executive functioning issues may show up in different ways in high school as your child becomes more independent. These symptoms are typical of executive functioning issues, which often occurs with ADHD.

Executive Functioning Issues: What You’re Seeing in Your High-Schooler

Identifying executive functioning issues in preschool-age kids is hard. You may notice trouble with memory or inflexible thinking. Here are other common signs of executive functioning issues.