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Breakfast Biscuit - The Perfect Paleo Biscuit, makes 9 biscuits 6 egg whites cup blanched almond flour cup coconut flour 1 teaspoon baking powder teaspoon salt 1 tablespoons coconut oil, chilled

Love Brussels 10 recipes

Roasted brussel sprout kabobs - Sprinkle the Brussels sprouts with ghee/oil, spices and salt Place on a baking sheet, cut side down You may want to turn them over once while roasting Bake in 425 F until beautifully golden on both sides

Hilariously Wrong Bootleg Action Figures, via Nerd Approved. Click the link to see more goofy examples!

These fake bootlegs are so scary, I almost want them. View Bootleg Toys That Might Ruin Your Childhood" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Tell me how you really feel.

Why you bad park? You ok? Fuck you guy! Park on my privates again? Bad park you.

SignFail Brings Funny Engrish Signs To Your Hometown

SignFail Brings Funny Engrish Signs To Your Hometown "feman, male man"

I want this shirt

I want this shirt