Fill a powder free latex glove with water or whatever liquid you would like to melt into your punch and freeze it. Not as great as the brain molds I used for Brian's party, but better than just regular old ice!

Real Simple

Creepy Treats for Halloween

Okay, now THIS is brilliant labeling!

Cupcakes and Cutlery: The zombies are here (insert scream!)

Toxic Waste Punch. I only worry it looks too much like vomit.

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Perfect for a zombie party!

Annie's Eats

Brain with Blood Clot Cupcakes | Annie's Eats

If I could crochet, this would be great.

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Or maybe cupcakes would be cuter?

Plants vs. Zombies Cupcakes and Dinner

Candy Pea Shooter. Might make an adorable cake topper!

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Easy, obvious, and cute.

25 Amazing Plants vs Zombies Cakes | Walyou

Zombie Soap- A great party favor!

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I bet I could use this method of mold making to make pea shooter soaps!

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Cool way to keep the drinks!

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Plants vs. Zombies Plushes

Plants vs. Zombies Plushes - TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS

Plants vs. Zombies Cake <3

Awesome Plants vs. Zombies Cake

Plants Vs Zombies Cupcakes

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Plants V Zombies Invitation

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Plants V Zombies Cake

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Plants V Zombies Pinata

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