Black cat

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Rasguña el vidrio de las ventanas con sus patitas. Algunos gatos se sientan en la ventana y tocan el vidrio con sus patitas cuando ven a otro gato o a pájaros. "Es frustración por barreras", dice Dodman, director de comportamiento animal de la Clínica en la Universidad de Tufts. #MediumMaria

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Blue eyed kitty

Lady Toffee

heart shaped whisker

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Eliot Elisofon - Kim Novak

Des bêtes et des hommes


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kittens#cat #baby cat|

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Bengal cat

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Europe, 1987 // HCBresson

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Top 5 Most Expensive Cats in the World

Top 5 Most Expensive Cats in the World | Cute Dogs and Cats

O so good tummy rub • photo: Laurie Cinotto on Flickr

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Cat Burglars!!!!!.

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When The Sun Comes Out, This Kitty Makes Itself Comfortable In The MOST Adorable Way Ever!… | The Meow Post

Котэ в бокале

Oriental Shorthair

Here Are All The Cat Breeds You Never Knew Existed

How are you and your cats spending your day?

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You have a lot of tension in your lower back.


Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur... Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purrrr. I love this song said the cat


Guess what? Winter is coming to Texas....#PANDORATexas #Cats #Kitten #SnowCute

Art On Sun: ♥ cat ♥

Cat adopted four orphan baby hedgehogs after their mother died and raises them alongside her own kitten.

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why cats? WHY?

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Cute cat that's not photogenic (he says "no photographs, please... no. Stop this.")

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Harry Dean Stanton and friend

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