Bottle Crafts

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Recycled bottle crafts - DIY instructions and inspirations! Learn how to make lighted bottles, vases, glassware and many other bottle projects. #bottlecrafts #diyprojects
Tips for drilling a Glass Bottle

We receive emails with questions regarding the glass drilling process, where to find diamond tipped bits, light strings, bottle fillers and various other questions on a regular basis. Here is a gre…

#Christmas Themed Bottles With Lights On Etsy 2016 #bottlecrafts

Bottle-Lamp is showcasing just a few of the many Holiday themed Bottles with Lights that are available onEtsy this year. Help catch the Christmas spirit with us

DIY Steampunk Kits #steampunk, #DIY,bottlecrafts

Steampunk Bottle Lamps For The Masses. Check out these kits for putting steampunk bottle lamps together.

Upcycled Bottle Lamps ‘Licka Lamp’ offers an impressive range of #upcycled bottle lamps available for order, as well as custom-made items.

Upcycled Bottle Lamps by Licka Lamps based in Trinidad. Check out these amazing bottle lamps and vintage looking bot lights.

How To Make A Bottle Lamp - Find out how easy it is to make a cool looking, one of a kind lamp. Step by step instructions by Nick the bottle lamp maker.

Rolling Rock Party Lights #howweroll

Look no further, with a simple light string you can transform ordinary into cool. Check out these Rolling Rock beer bottle party lights.

Wine Bottle Lamp - 11 DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas

In this article we share our most viewed bottle lamps. Which one of these fabulous 5 Bottle Lamp projects do you like best?

DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas - A collection of 11 DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas to inspire and guide you!

DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas, Tips & Inspirations. You never know when inspiration will strike, let us help you with your next bottle lamp project with tips and ideas.

Learn how to make a beautiful homemade gift for your #Valentine. #bottlecrafts

How To Make a Jack Daniel Candle. Step by step instructions on how to make a candle from a recycled whiskey bottle.

How To Cut Glass Bottles #howto

diy liquor bottle candles: use yarn soaked in nail polish remover, tied about the bottle at the breaking point and then light it on fire. let burn for seconds rotating constantly, then dip into ice water. @ DIY Home Cuteness

How to make the bottle lamp kit adapter fit the bottle.  #hobby #bottle #diy #diyproject #howto #howtovideo #lamp #lampwork #tipsandtricks

How to make the bottle lamp kit adapter fit the bottle. #hobby #bottle #diy #diyproject #howto #howtovideo #lamp #lampwork #tipsandtricks

DIY Bedside Lamp - click to check out the step by step instructions.  #bedroom #bedside #diy #lamp #bedsidelamps #diybedsidelamps #bottlecrafts #bedroomdecor #decorations #decoranting #decorationideas #Lampe

DIY bedside lamp making tips and Step by Step instructions. Make your own DIY bedside lamps for unique, one of a kind bedroom decor.