Seriously - best recipe ever for cleaning pillows.  I spent the day cleaning pillows and mattress pads throughout the house.  So clean and fresh.  I'm in love!!!!!!  washing pillows

How To Rescue Your Old Yellowed Pillows

How To Wash & Whiten Yellowed Pillows- HOT HOT HOT water 1 cup of laundry detergent 1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent 1 cup bleach (you could try “A Natural Bleach Alternative if you are opposed to chlorine bleach) cup borax

Coconut Oil Uses -- This stuff works like magic!!! I rub it all over after every shower and after I shave... One week later: Bye, bye cellulite, shrunk pores(on my face), mended my split ends, took the bags off my eyes, lengthened my eyelashes, and healed my lips(which tend to peel).--

35 Surprising Uses For Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life

Coconut Oil Uses -- This stuff works like magic! rub it all over after every shower . One week later: Bye, bye cellulite, shrunk pores(on face), mends split ends, took the bags off eyes and heals lips(which tend to peel).

Popsicle sticks & hot glue gun - mini pallet coasters

These would be great to use on the deck where I already use pallets! Popsicle sticks & hot glue gun make cute little mini pallet coasters! These are so stinkin' cute! Soak in tea/coffee to give them their color.

Curved walk in shower- no doors or curtains necessary.

Curved, walk-in shower: no doors or glass to clean! Love the round window, the white stone edging, the wall lighting! Is that white gravel or polished tile that Looks like white gravel lining the shower floor? Would love to see the inside of this shower!

re-purposed wine bottles. Absolutely adorable!

Diy Home decor ideas on a budget. : Upcycling - wrap old wine bottles in twine and yarn. Decorate with applique and buttons. ADORABLE DIY Home Decor Ideas,

Attach fabric to your wall with liquid starch. Peels off for renters.

39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Walls

Fabric attached to the wall with liquid starch.peels right off if you move. I really like this idea./ or just paint on wall; Decorating Ideas,Diy - interior design,For the Home,Home Accents a

Homemade Electrolyte Energy Drink-  you will never want to buy Gatorade again after making this.

Make Your Own Electrolyte Energy Drink

Homemade Electrolyte Energy Drink cup of freshly squeezed lime juice cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 ½ to 2 cups fresh water teaspoon of sea salt 2 tablespoons natural sugar or honey

16 Amazing Do It Yourself Home Ideas

16 Amazing Do It Yourself Home Ideas - I love the garden trellis canopy idea and the book shelves in the dead space behind the door!

Stairwell photo. I love this!

This is one of the best ideas for that waste of space above the stairs! @ DIY Home Ideas ((OH how I would **love** to do something like this in that "wasted space" above our stairs!

Condensed milk Cake.

1 can condensed milk 4 eggs 1 cup flour tsp baking powder melted butter + 1 tablespoon for brushing the cake form (brown the butter) Oven: 40 mins @ كيكة اللبن المكثف

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