Remedy Hatake

Remedy Hatake

Genderfluid fangirl/weeb who wears too much cologne and makeup
Remedy Hatake
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I can't even tell you how much I laughed at this

Daddy issues guy and sad angel oh my god I'm dying XD

Sammy tho, he's kinda like... Yep, you're pretty much stuck with this one...

Sammy tho, he's kinda like. Yep, you're pretty much stuck with this one.<<<sammy ships it


If you stare at it long enough, it looks like dean is indeed of wearing a wedding ring and he and Castiel are married and if you disagree then SHUT UP

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Okay I will give the souls of my whole school and my left leg for this. I'll just sacrifice few white doves then or something

Supernatural Misha Collins Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester Castiel the cute drunk :)

Dean's names for Cas

[SET OF GIFS] Some of Dean's nicknames for Cas xD Mommy Dearest, My Bloody Valentine, The Song Remains the Same, Abandon All Hope This is so cute!