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Assassin's Creed in Celtic Knots. They should make a Scottish assassins creed game.

Assassin's Creed in Celtic Knots. This needs to be an actual thing; an assassin as a Scottish or Irishman.

Sams Blog: Gypsy Forearm Tattoo <-- This, but instead of that woman, I would do Idris.

"When love is not madness, it is not love" tattooflash art :) just want the quote.not the gypsy

not sure who the artist is, if you know please tell me!  One of the better pics of chainmaille armor I have seen an artist do.  All the layers to this womans clothing is fantastic!

Amariah, an eleven warrior her name means "Light Of Heaven" in Dwarven. Nobody knows she is female, because girls aren't allowed to fight, so she is like a fantasy Joan Of Arc.