It's a zoo! The kids picked out a pic, glued it down, and used dif. mediums to create the cage. (black popsicle sticks, black masking tape, yarn, chenille stick). We even matched locks to go with Good Night Gorilla story.

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"Goodnight, Gorilla!" We got six cardboard boxes and cut the fronts to make an opening. We cut colored strips of paper and laminated them to make the cage 'bars' for the front and sides. In each box we placed a different animal from the story. We also painted padlocks and keys to coordinate with the cages. After reading the story the students were able to dress up as the zookeeper and his wife, using hats and props and retell/act out the story by visiting each cage. #littlehandsbigpl...

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Put zoo animals in the cage. This idea is from lightning bug literacy. The blog also has its for different letters/sounds and printables. This idea actually went with a zoo theme and 'Good night gorilla' book.

Printable Puppets & Puzzles for Book, Goodnight Gorilla (free; from

Goodnight Gorilla Free Printable Puppets and Puzzles

***** Playdough zoo- yes! -This was a hit during our zoo week and inspired sorting of animal types, matching colors, etc. The kids got creative finding other items to use with our play dough, like wooden blocks, clean stamps, etc.

House of Baby Piranha: Playdough Zoo

Just discovered "Goodnight Gorilla" and loved it...will definitely use this year for my pre-k.

StrongStart: Goodnight Gorilla

Thrive After Three: Good Night, Gorilla

Good Night Gorilla

goodnight gorilla extension- very neat idea to make cardboard cages and paper keys with stuffed animals inside.

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Good Night Gorilla is a fun book but even more fun with these wonderful book activities and printables for kids inspired by the story.

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Goodnight Gorilla - for letter G We LOVE THIS BOOK!!!

Preschool Workboxes: G is for Gorilla, Goat and More - Meet Penny

Goodnight Gorilla retell (Learning is Messy)

Lap Learning Lesson - G is for Goodnight, Gorilla

Goodnight Gorilla Lesson Plan Lapbook Printables; matches: The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury from the Sonlight Preschool Program

Goodnight Gorilla Lesson Plan Lapbook Printables

Goodnight Gorilla color match

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goodnight gorilla activity

Z for Zoo | Walking by the Way

Goodnight, Gorilla: Building the Story with Lego || A fun and quick game, based on toddlers favourite book || Adventure in a Box

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Goodnight Gorilla

mia telling good night gorilla

Zoo Animals: Retelling "Goodnight, Gorilla"