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stone soup

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Stone Soup Storytelling Kit at Lakeshore Learning

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Language Fun with Stone Soup - differentiated instruction, special education

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Sorting what goes in a soup and what doesn't. Just one language activity in my Stone Soup resource.

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Free! Stone Soup activities

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What kind of Stone soup would you make?

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Alphabet Soup: learning with match boxes wrapped in paper with letters, fill with objects that start with the letter, buttons for the letter B etc.

{Theme of the Week} S O U P

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Kindergarten Stone Soup

Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales: Soup From a Stone...Fancy That!

Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales: Soup From a Stone...Fancy That!

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Stone Soup {Felt Story Set}

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stone soup - the book and the recipe

rubberboots and elf shoes: stone soup - the book and the recipe


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Block Soup Pretend Play (with ideas on how to extend the activity and learn through play!)

Munchkins and Moms: Block Soup Pretend Play

And Next Comes Lfrom And Next Comes L

Rainbow Stone Sensory Soup {Water Sensory Play}

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Rainbow stone sensory soup: fine motor water sensory play for toddlers and preschoolers from And Next Comes L

Rainbow Stone Sensory Soup {Water Sensory Play}

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stone soup ingredients printable

rubberboots and elf shoes: stone soup - the book and the recipe

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*Lil Country Kindergarten*: Stone Soup {Printables}

Lil Country Librarian: Stone Soup {Printables}

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Stone Soup

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I Have Who Has For Stone Soup Best Seller! Perfect for Fairy Tales or Folk Tales Theme

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unit study | Walking by the Way

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alphabet soup! The kids stirred the " soup " and then closed their eyes and pulled out a letter and shared it with the rest of the group.

Once upon a day in preschool: Morning Message

Verywellfrom Verywell

Making Collages with Toddlers

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stone soup activity what would you put in your stone soup?--probably make this into a flannel board and give each child a piece of the food to add to the pot as they read the story

Toddler Collage - Introduction to Making Collages with Toddlers

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Stone Soup Preschool

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Stone Soup and other Book Activities for Classic Picture Books

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Dirt & Boogersfrom Dirt & Boogers

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Make Alphabet Soup A fun way to practice letters, math, and language skills. Visit for more #speechtherapy games and activity ideas

Learning Letters with Alphabet Soup - Dirt and Boogers

Rainy Day Mumfrom Rainy Day Mum

Story Book Summer - Stone Soup

Stone Soup Book

Stone Soup Lesson

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Pot Stone

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Making Crock

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Stone Soup Recipe For Kids

Making Crock Pot Soup with kids to bring alive the book Stone Soup alive.

Story Book Summer - Stone Soup - Rainy Day Mum

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FREE Cauldron themed procedure writing

Frog Spot: A Spooky Stew

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Preschool Stone Soup

Lots of great therapy ideas and printable game boards / activities

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Preschool Harvest Lesson

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Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales: Stone Soup activities

Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales: Soup From a Stone...Fancy That!