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    Holidays from the Heart

    It's our favorite time of year with our friends from Nick Jr., and we hope it's your family's, too! Embrace the holiday spirit with these great stocking stuffers, DIY crafts, holiday printables, and more!

    Holidays from the Heart

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    A great seasonal gift wrap for your kids! You can use this DIY Gingerbread Man Gift Wrap for chocolate bars, books, boxes, and everything holiday cheer!

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    Stocking stuffer idea: a fin-tastic Bubble Guppies DVD!

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    Bring a little piece of Playa Verde home with the Dora and Friends Arco Iris Cafe!

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    Pup-tastic gift idea: the PAW Patrol Lookout Tower Playset!

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    • Renee Huggins
      Renee Huggins

      4 grandkids to love this

    • April Alston
      April Alston

      Kids would love this! They play Paw Patrol all the time. And they are super-psyched about Everest - the newest member of the patrol. They have watched the video on the website multiple times

    • Teresa Lewis
      Teresa Lewis

      My Daughter's birthday is today she turned 4.

    • Mary Asdourian
      Mary Asdourian

      Gemma would LOVE this. She watches Paw Patrol every time it is on TV. Thanks.

    • Eva Marie Sass
      Eva Marie Sass

      my grandson loves Paw Patrol!

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    Get ready for the holidays with an easy DIY Team Umizoomi advent calendar!

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    Stocking stuffer idea: Bubble Guppies matching hat and mitten set!

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    Bathtime is about to be way more fun with this Peppa Pig bathtime toy set!

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    This Julius Jr. playhouse box is out-of-this-world awesome!

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    Calling all PAW Patrol fans! Check out these pup-tastic character t-shirts!

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    • Alice Ramirez
      Alice Ramirez

      love it i eneter all this i would love for my little one he is a fan of paw patrol is all he wants for xmas everything paw patrol

    • Donna Kiever
      Donna Kiever

      My lil one would love this..He loves Paw Patrol!

    • kim mccoy
      kim mccoy

      this is awesome my daughter enjoys paw patrol she would love one of these!

    Stay warm with a printable Peppa Pig winter coloring pack!

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    Printable winter hidden picture pack, featuring the PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies, and Dora!

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    Your preschooler can have hours of fun with Nonny & his green streak racer!

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    A PAW Patrol baseball hat makes a great stocking stuffer item!

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    Hop To It with these adorable Peter Rabbit Plush toys.

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    'Tis the season to read! Check out "Happy Holidays, Bubble Guppies!"

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    The Check-Up Center Playset is a swim-tastic gift idea for Bubble Guppies fans.

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    Can your preschooler help Peppa Pig & George find their way to the mailbox?

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    Stocking stuffer idea: Chase cruiser from the PAW Patrol!

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    Holiday Gift Guide: Dora and Friends dolls make a great gift for the preschooler in your life!

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    • Anthony Mattera
      Anthony Mattera

      You are right, my little girls love Dora and friends.

    Get ready for winter with a PAW Patrol Winter Rescue DVD!

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    Bubble Guppies plush dolls make a fin-tastic holiday gift!

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    • Lindy Stanfield
      Lindy Stanfield

      My little man 💙 s Bubble Guppies

    Holiday Wish List item: PAW Patrol Real Talking Plush!

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    • Nicole Stiles
      Nicole Stiles

      They are so /cute would love to havenonendor my babynboy

    • JoAnne Purgason
      JoAnne Purgason

      They are all adorable!

    • Michelle Buhrman
      Michelle Buhrman

      I love them all... along with my grandsons =)

    • Patricia Engle
      Patricia Engle

      My granddaughter love's them all but she like's Sky the most

    • Tammy Curnutt Daughtry
      Tammy Curnutt Daughtry

      How cute..

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    Get festive with a printable Gobble Gobble Guppies Thanksgiving Bunting that your kids will love.

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    A great project to do on a snow day!

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    A craft you can make together and eat together!

    12 DIY Day’s of Christmas: Day 3 | Kelly Moore Blog