Nothing says Spring like seeing caterpillars everywhere. Well we decided to bring the caterpillars inside (not literally, for even though caterpillars are pretty cute they are still bugs - and I don’t particularly like bugs…especially ones in my house!). We gathered a few art supplies and made up a project to …

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Very Hungry Caterpillar - Great art project and fine motor for kiddos. They cut out their leaves, I laminated them and used a giant hole punch for the holes. The students chose what colors for their caterpillar. Older students could lace their own pom poms, but for the preschoolers I laced them for them. Then they made the caterpillar eat the leaf. The white pom pom is the tiny egg that the caterpillar hatched from. For more ideas visit me on Facebook at - Adventures in Tutoring

A butterfly craft for children 3 and up - it uses coffee filters!

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