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Brand identity for The Water Rat designed by Hofstede.

// L'Art Du Logotype / Brand identity for The Water Rat designed by Hofstede

SealLine Boundary Pack Portage Pack

Boundary Pack and other great Drybags by SealLine for backpacking, hiking, climbing and mountaineering.

Seven Useful Microsoft Excel Features You May Not Be Using

Want to wow colleagues and management with some slick Excel moves? Show you can mix it with the best with these [url=/excel-training-london.php]handy Excel tricks[/url] that really will impress your boss.

The bench is not difficult to build, but it requires a methodical construction process. If you follow the procedure carefully, you get a massive top that's flat, square, and needs hardly any cleanup after it's glued together. The top has four rows of bench-dog holes bored into it. Specialized hardware called bench dogs fit into these holes, and when combined with other accessories and our Yost woodworking vise, the benchtop can hold a workpiece of just about any shape or reasonable size…

You lost me at "methodical construction process". What exactly is a bench dog?

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