Nicolas Chenet

Nicolas Chenet

Paris, FR / UX Integrist | Graphic designer, Front-end designer and developer | would like to marry node.js
Nicolas Chenet
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Spawn by Andrewhuerta

Chatting on AIM and a buddy mentioned I should do Spawn, so I did. AH Spawn

Venom Studies by beastboyjoe

Trying to establish an aesthetic for Venom (Eddie, not Mac), and I decided to go with something sorta like how he looked in Spider-Man Venom Studies

Bad Retro: Gremlins Sketch

Stripe from Gremlins I know it's not video gaming related but it is retro. After listening to a podcast talk about Gremlins I have bee.

Spawn Sketch

Straight-to-pen sketch with a ballpoint. When I was a wee boy, Spawn showed me the dark side of superheroes.