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Secret wallet compartment in iPhone case

Incipio iPhone 4 Stowaway Credit Card Hard Shell Case with Silicone Core, iPhone 4 Cases & Covers by Incipio. Might need to upgrade my cell phone case. This would be great for walking the dogs, or walks to the store!

Solar iPhone charger

Solar energy undoubtedly is one of the best eco-friendly discoveries in the world. The XD Design solar window charger uses the solar energy to the optimum level. This window charger can be attached to the window easily and it comes with a small as well.

Apple TV (2012)

If TV itself wasn’t already enough, let us add Apple software to it. Apple TV is a standalone device that brings Apple products through your TV. Its shame we can just have TV anymore and separate devices for separate activities?

Gizmon Clip-On Lenses.

Gizmon Clip-On Lenses -These clip-on lenses from Gizmon help you step-up your iPhone and iPad photography for great effects without costing too much. Choose from the fisheye, circular polarizer or mirage filter.

The Best Emergency Radio...includes usb port for charging smart phones!

This emergency radio has a USB port for charging smartphones when there's no power. features include an integrated LED flashlight, USB port for charging smartphones, mini-USB cable, and a built-in solar panel for supplemental power.

How Windows 8 will shake up the laptop market....

How Windows 8 will shake up the laptop market Dozens of new laptops and tablets are coming with the Window 8 launch.