How cowlicks happen!

So that's how it happens

How cowlicks happen! There must be a lot of cows in Kaiden's room at night! That boy wakes up with the worst bed head. Esp his 'cowlick'


Funny pictures about Bowl cut mullet. Oh, and cool pics about Bowl cut mullet. Also, Bowl cut mullet.


Now the question is are you mentally scarring me by hitting me with your dismembered foot, or if you are mentally scarring me because I'll spend the rest of my life wondering if you were kicking or hitting me

So true!

Being that sarcasm is something I consider to be my first language; it's always fun to talk to a person as sarcastic as me. Honestly, I only know of a couple people that respond to me this way. Those people are awesome though!

im a lady with the vocabulary of a well educated sailor!

I'm A Lady

Buying a bunch of saying shirts for my night time sleep wear The perfect shirt for me! Polite As Shit by ThugLifeShirts on Etsy

I also remember them making us play with the hard balls. I always felt a little relief when I saw it was this ball and not the hard one.

so funny.

Funny pictures about Grumpy cat finds his dad. Oh, and cool pics about Grumpy cat finds his dad. Also, Grumpy cat finds his dad.

I've got bills. It's true, being an adult is not all fun and games :(


This is VERY important stuff to know. Has anyone ever tried to bathe a cat. Yeah, I would go to this meeting too.

And, finally, all these hashtags:

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