my absolute very favorite part about a wedding? when everyone turns around to look at the bride, i look at the groom. the look on his face when he sees his bride, the look of 100% sureness & love—that's my favorite part

every girl deserves this moment. this picture is priceless. the best part about the wedding ceremony is watching the grooms reaction when he sees his bride for the first time


I actually used to walk every day on a path like this from my apartment to my job in Sweden. In the winter, this was my morning walk. The snow never melted. It was bliss.


As manatees can’t survive in water below 60 degrees, they migrate to Kings Bay and the adjacent rivers every winter, which are an average 72 degrees all year round. Crystal River is 70 miles north of Tampa, the epicenter of manatee-watching.

Good tips and reminders no matter what your skill level! How to Take Better Travel Photos - Tips from the Pros | Paper Planes #travel #photography #photos #photographytips

How to Take Better Travel Photos - Tips from the Pros

omg too cute!!

fun idea for mothers and daughters. i was the mom at the skatepark picking up in those rollers just to keep my hair from curling for the night. now, sometimes they ask us to arrive on set with our hair in them, ready for the stylist to do their magic!

A Jackie Kennedy Onassis mirror selfie with Jack and his sister-in-law Ethel, taken in 1954.

Newly Discovered Kennedy Family Memorabilia To Be Auctioned Off

Point of View

These awesome photos by German photographer Christopher Hassler, shot in a tunnel using a fisheye lens, have such a convincing tweaked perspective that they might just test the mettle of acrophobic viewers.

Look at the purrrrrrrrty Leopard Cat cheking out the Cartier Jewelry Window. What a FUN Pic!

Piazza della Loggia

Porsche at Piazza della Loggia.

Ralph Lauren models’ on the Abbey Road crossing. [Courtesy Photo]

Ralph Lauren Lands on Abbey Road

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