Strength is God gifted quality. Some have high strength and some have low. I am going to share some inspirational strength quotes.

Disney inspirational quotes:  1. Pinocchio   2. The Lion King   3. the Jungle Book   4. Peter Pan   5. Mary Poppins   6. Toy Story   7. Cars   8. Winnie the Pooh   9. Alice in Wonderland   10. The Aristocats   11. Hercules   12. Pocahontas   13. Mulan   14. Walt Disney

Because i love Disney! Disney inspirational quotes: Pinocchio The Lion King the Jungle Book Peter Pan Mary Poppins Toy Story Cars Winnie the Pooh Alice in Wonderland The Aristocats Hercules Pocahontas Mulan Walt Disney words of wisdom


President Uchtdorf is seriously amazing. I loved this conference talk and this is a perfect subway art reminder! STOP IT!

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"Some people don't believe in Heroes but they haven't met my Dad" quote, quotes about dads, fathers,

knapsack of hope. Great gift idea for a going away gift. Just like our grade school graduation gifts


Lovely quote by TE Lawrence featured in Uncharted I so can't wait for a sequel.

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