Haha truth.

then when you realize everyone else wears their gloves to turn on the light, change the channel, adjust the bed, and just about everything else. you HAVE to wear gloves to touch ANYTHING!


Funny Nurses Week Ecard: I'm sure it's a surprise, but as your nurse, I'd like to inform you that the big 'H' you saw in front of this building does NOT mean 'HILTON'. Thought this was funny, made me think of my sister n law Nikki(:

Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Standing at the nurses station will not make your discharge go faster and no, you can't have some morphine before you leave.

Good thing not all days are like this :)

Im not a nurse im a cna! But can totally relate! Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Oh you had a bad day? Let me tell you about the catheter I couldn't get in, the guy who threw up on me and my dead patient. The life of a nurse.

Lately I’ve been noticing that it isn’t just that doctors have bad handwriting, in general. There are actually many different types of bad handwriting: 17273 Total Views 9 Views Today


Good CPR will most likely break ribs, but ribs will heal. A heart that has stopped won't. So go ahead, do break a rib (I say that in every CPR course).

Safe Staffing - Reduces Errors! http://www.nationalnur... The Evidence is In: RN-to-Patient Ratios Save Lives!  #nurse

Smaller RN-to-patient ratios is proven to reduce errors and save lives. If only staffing knew.

Yes, but how many can actually stand over a bed and say this???

Nurse humor so true I feel like telling patients this many days

tips for patients and family

Project Awesome (aka Mo's Life): Tips for ICU patients and families-- read all the way to fine print at the bottom