Addicted to coffee.

I love you whether you bring me coffee or not. But it does make me feel very special, and cared for. I also love bringing YOU coffee.I love how that works! ~~anyone who goes to chess, if you buy me coffee i will be your best friend ever, okay? :D~~

So true

Let's be specific, coffee is usually a good idea; decaf coffee is always a good idea.

So me, if I don't have a diet coke I get a horrible caffeine headeache. I have trying to cut back but I hate the headaches.

Of course #PR is #2!

Which profession drinks the most coffee? The top 15 heaviest coffee drinkers.

Love it!

OCD: Obsessive Coffee Disorder - for all coffee lovers. Waiting for the Italian coffee machine that my mum is sending me xxx love you mum

Coffee problems

My blood type is coffee quote coffee life morning energy tired caffeine wake

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