Simple Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sandwiches - Recipe Simple would be good for a family get together.

Funny pictures about Hawaiian ham and cheese sliders. Oh, and cool pics about Hawaiian ham and cheese sliders. Also, Hawaiian ham and cheese sliders.

There might be one of these standing next to your Easter basket in the 70s...

My aunt got me the pink one and my brother the blue one for Easter one year. I think i was 3 or 4 at the time. I remember these has pretty sharp seams. It lasted for years and that's saying something because my bro and I were pretty rough on toys!

This was the best thing ever!!

TOMY- Turbo sports car, my brother had this, but it did not stop me from using it.

For 80s and 90s kids. #OregonTrail #Childhood

11 Ways You Know You're A Gamer

The Dysentery Oregon Trail t-shirt reminds everyone what pioneer life was like. Wear this dysentery tee when you play the Oregon Trail computer game.

I remember having these!

vintage Rainbow Brite roller skates-derby by simplehousewares

Cereal Box Records! I remember cutting them out from the boxes

The Sugar Bears Post Cereal Premium 45 RPM Record - you cut them off the back of the cereal box.

Birthday Boy TMNT - Baseball Shirt - Pick Mask Color and Sleeve Color. $18.00, via Etsy.

Birthday Boy TMNT - Baseball Shirt - Pick Mask Color and Sleeve Color.they need to make these in adult sizes!

This was my favorite book for years and years and this is exactly the cover from my copy.

10 Best Books for Girls and Young Women

A Sunday night ritual***

The Wonderful World of Disney - Sunday evenings, the only night we ate in the lounge - still at the table (a small fold-up) but it was a real treat to watch tv during tea

V 80's tv show

Original television series "V". loved watching it. I still remember the episode where the baby stuck out its lizard tongue!

That British Knights and L.A. Gear made the coolest shoes. | 50 Things Only '80s Kids Can Understand

That British Knights and L. Gear made the coolest shoes. (They had to be the LA Gears with the twisted leather strips on the side!