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Ragtime Inspired Wedding

Ok, Mary & I have finally found THE wedding theme that speaks to us both: Ragtime. Ragtime was born in the red-light districts of African American communities of New Orleans in the late 19th century. From the 1890s until approximately 1920, Ragtime gifted American popular culture with bowler hats, parasols, bustles, and, moreover, dance music. For our 2014 Brooklyn, NY wedding, Mary & I will try to capture the Ragtime elements (the music, fashion, fun). Enjoy...
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Keeping with the Ragtime theme, the wedding hat should be big, elaborate and unique to the dress.


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Ragtime is a music/sub-culture that developed in New Orleans. The traditional colors of New Orleans are Purple, Green, and Gold. We've decided to X the green, and keep with the Purple & Gold. This invitation not only follows that color scheme, but also maintains youth and fun, while giving off an elegant/traditional aesthetic. Also, the floral print is similar to a Fleur de Lis.


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Whereas the mostly Caucasian American Upper Class dressed in creme or white, African Americans seemed to dress in bright and vibrant clothing when they would attend clubs that played Ragtime music. Whereas the Upper Class Clothing was form fitting, African American women’s clothes were loose and allowed for free and easy movement. Woman would often adorn their hair with colorful flowers as accessories. African American men would often were vests and bowler hats as their accessories.


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The Ragtime Era lasted from the late 19th – early 20th centuries. Upper class women often appeared in long white gowns, which had white collars and usually a brooch that kept the collar closed. These women also wore large white hats and carried parasols as accessories.


'Ragtime: The Musical'

This early 1900s (1909) automobile would be the brides' perfect getaway car after the wedding festivities.


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The monogramed invitation postage also fits in with the purple & gold, New Orleans Ragtime theme.


Purple Wedding Monogram Rose With Gold Lace - Wedding Stamps

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