essential oils for beginners  great place to start! I love my oils....

Essential Oils for beginners

If you are new to this, here is my essential oils for beginners guide. Great for when you are just starting out with essential oils.

Using Young living Essential Oils to create a great DIY all natural essential oil face serum that helps reduce fine lines and even out skin tones.

Easy DIY Essential oil face serum recipe

Essential Oil DIY Recipe/ Essential Oil Face Serum/ Essential Oil Face Serum Recipe/ Lavender/ Lemon/ Frankincense/ Essential oil face serum recipe that helps reduce the look of fine lines.

Clove oil has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes in Chinese and Indian culture. There are many benefits including helping with tooth aches.

11 Uses for Clove Essential Oil - AJA Health. Although more for flavor, I grind up one clove sprig along with my morning French Roast coffee beans - nice, warm flavor!

Must Have Essential Oil Roller Ball Recipes for your Family

Discover the best essential oils to wake up with and kick start your day. Learn how to easily include them in your morning routine and enjoy their aromas.

Made by Mags: Homemade Body Wash for Babies and Kids (made with Valor + Lavender Essential Oils)

Homemade Body Wash for Kids Made with Valor and Lavender Essential Oils (Young Living). Gentle for babies and kids - promotes healthy sleep and supports emotions.