Sancocho is a traditional Dominican stew made from a variety of meats, typically including pork sausage as well as chops, chicken, and beef. Stewed for a few hours and thickened with butternut squash and carrot purees, this dish will have you asking for seconds.

What could be more comforting than a baked potato chicken pot pie?! Check out the full recipe on the blog! via @preppykitchen

No pie crust? No problem! This tasty bacon-Cheddar quiche recipe uses crescent rolls instead of pie crust for an easy twist on a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast. This recipe comes together beautifully and the whole family will love each bite.

Looking for a quick and easy chicken dinner idea? These Parmesan Chicken Roll Ups will be one of your favorite easy chicken recipes.

No, That's Not Ice Cream, It's a Pizza Cone!: Your eyes aren't deceiving you - these aren't ordinary ice cream cones, but rather pizza cones.

Need a tasty snack or a delicious dish to share? These Mini Pepperoni Pizza boats are sure to make you the snack champion! There's no need to decide between pizza and tacos - because you can have both! Fill Old El Paso™ Mini Taco Boats with your favorite pizza sauce, mini pepperonis and shredded mozzarella, then pop them in the oven for the perfect pizza snack! These bite-sized pizza boats are bound to be a hit with your crowd - and they're ready to eat in 15 minutes or less!

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