NICU Helping Hands

NICU Helping Hands

Fort Worth, TX / Family Support for Fragile Beginnings. Non-profit developing hospital & community-based projects providing education & support to families of premature infants.
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What Tools and Supplies Should I Have on Hand If My Baby Gets RSV... plus how and when to use them. Great tips from a mom whose baby just had RSV.

RSV is a very common and serious virus, especially in infants. It starts out like a head cold but can quickly become pneumonia or bronchitis. If you notice signs of RSV (particularly labored breathing), get your child to a doctor or hospital immediately. Let's educate each other about this highly contagious and potentially life threatening virus.

RSV season is here! Educate yourself on the symptoms, causes, whether or not your child is in danger and how to protect them.

RSV usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms, but it can be serious, especially for infants and older adults. Help protect your child and others from #RSV by following a few prevention tips.

Do you know all the symptoms of RSV and how to prevent your baby from catching it? I learned a lot doing research on the subject and have it all broken down for you here! #MC #RSVAwareness #PreemieProtection #Sponsored

Facts about RSV and flu and why these viruses can be dangerous for premature babies! #micropreemie #preemie

Learn more about RSV, signs and symptoms, and ways to help prevent the virus from spreading.