Hydrangea Cupcakes

Hydrangea Cupcakes- Purple is my favorite color, hydrangea is a favorite flower and cupcakes my favorite sweet obsession!

Get cozy in a vibrant hue.

Goal: to have all white furniture in one room, but then add in /\/\/\ stripes on one wall in the color of a random chair like one of these.


Julie & Andy_Big Island

a great mix of paper and yarn balls as a decor idea.--- not so many colors but it would be a cool decoration

neutral top. pop of color on bottom. leopard always works.

the coral and leopard totally pop! i love pairing leopard with a bold color like this coral.


Although this is not an actual tattoo, I love these butterflies. Might use them as inspiration for my own butterfly tattoo.

Sarah Applebaum

Students will never forget what a pentagon looks like! Great for a decorative Math Classroom. Create pentagons with foam core, paint them shapes, put together into a pentagon. Hang from ceiling of classroom. Remember to reference this artists work!

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