Centodue | Bonaldo

Maximum versatility of use for an accessory which, with the relevant bed base, allows twin beds to be obtained or a double bed.

Billo | Bonaldo

The Billo single bed has fully removable fabric, eco-leather or leather upholstery. The feet are available in various finishes, to accommodate any styling and functional requirement. Available also the Mister Billo version, featuring a lower headboard.


Giulia-----This is a rocking horse carved out from a single piece of cedar wood so to obtain an agile and graceful shape, enriched by a leather-covered handle. A little rocking horse entirely made of solid wood, with no harmful finishes or glues.


Single bed / contemporary / child's unisex / in wood BLOOMINGTON by Terry Dwan Riva Industria Mobili

Titti | Bonaldo

Design: Peter Ross A bed with singular and elegant lines, to add a touch of refined originality to the bedroom, that can be interpreted in different

UGO BENCH |  Riva 1920

Designed by RIVA Ugo will be great for any dog lover. This cute bench was made using a cedarwood log.

DUPLO - Bontempi Casa Letti Design

DUPLO - Bontempi Casa Letti Design

CATUN - Bontempi Casa Letti Design

CATUN - Bontempi Casa Letti Design

LOUISE - Bontempi Casa Letti Design

LOUISE - Bontempi Casa Letti Design

JANET - Bontempi Casa Letti Design

Quo streamlines real estate for agents and clients.

Arianne - Bontempi Casa Letti Design

Letti con contenitore: il modello Arianne basic e comfort

Squaring | Bonaldo

BONALDO SQUARING BASSO TEENAGERS BED The Squaring Basso teenagers bed is made in Italy by prestigious contemporary furniture brand Bonaldo. This great teenagers bed is also available in adult sizes, & has removable fabric covers.

Peggy | Bonaldo

The Peggy single bed is made in Italy by Bonaldo. The Peggy single bed can have a lift up storage base below the mattress (with enough room for pillows, duvets etc), under bed drawers or a second single bed in the base - providing two beds.