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Odette, mirrors | Gallotti & Radice

Mirror with bright brass decorative detail, which can be placed all over the perimeter, at discretion of the client. Available also in extralight mirror, “Antique or “Antique mirror.

Black&White Beat | Gallotti & Radice

Black&White Beat - Mirror bevelled and polished by hand, bright black painted glass inserts. Made of 42 single sections. By Pietro Russo

Obel | Bonaldo

Slightly tilted and shaped like a trapezium, the mirror rests on a slim wooden frame, which in turn rests against the wall, giving it volume and depth. The frame is available in walnut-wood, in natural ash-wood or grey ash-wood.

Spiral Mirror | Bonaldo

The new mirror designed by Ryosuke Fukusada is inspired by the seam stitch which can often be found on the edge of fabric, emery-leather or felt objects.

Cone | Bonaldo

'Cone' by Ennio Pasini. To look at the items and places of our everyday lives with a new perspective. Cone is a mirror with a lacquered border, available in two different shapes: round (Cone R) or elliptical (Cone E).

Caadre TV | Fiam

'Caadre TV' Mirror with built-in TV. 5 mm sized semi-reflective glass wall mirror made of 4 separate elements curved in semi-reflective glass 6 mm painted black on the back.

Tacon l | Nomon

Extraordinary modern high-end designer circular red metal wall clock in a stunning chrome finish.