Postcards to promote BBC Concert Orchestra events at London - Graphic Design - Post, Cards, Print, Soundwaves as a graphic cue, Colourful, Graphic, Illustrations

Studio Output's soundwave concert postcards

Taking soundwaves as a graphic cue, Studio Output has designed a set of colourful postcards to promote a series of upcoming BBC Concert Orchestra events at London& Southbank Centre.

Barcelona Pensa 2016 Poster Series - Graphic Design - Posters, Visual identity, Graphic, Minimalistic, Bright Colors, Basis Shapes, International Typographic Style, Swiss Design

BCN Pensa Visual identity and poster series for Barcelona Pensa the edition of the philosophy festival of Barcelona.

Resevoir Dolls - Graphic Design - Poster, Print, Woody, Mr. Potato Head, Toy Story, Black & White, Pink, Graphic, Illustrations

Reservoir Dolls (and other movie posters re-imagined using Toy Story characters) by Jim Tuckwell

Almanac Beer Co.’s Tropical Galaxy label - Graphic Design -   Poster, Label, Beer, Bottle, Sci-fi, Cinema look, Retro, Space, Spaceman, Astronaut, Surfer, Surf, Beach, Planet, 80s, Colorful

Tropical Galaxy Poster

Designing Almanac Beer Co.’s Tropical Galaxy label gave us the opportunity to embrace the sci-fi cinema look by creating a limited edition poster to commemorate the beer’s release. The poster is an.

Designer Ji Lee Makes Clever Calligrams That Visualize The Meanings Of Various Words - Graphic Design - Calligram, Word, Words, Clever

Designer Ji Lee Makes Clever Calligrams That Visualize The Meanings Of Various Words

the letters "v" and "a" resemble the arrows on the elevator controls. Words as Images Creative illustrations by New York based artist Ji Lee show the meaning of different words.

Bognár Bor Wine - Graphic Design - Logo, Packaging, Labels, Poster, Photography, Bold, Bright, Colors, Youthful, Modern

This Wine is Sure to Add a Pop of Color to Your Day

Bognár Bor Birtok on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Basketball poster - Graphic Design - Pop Art, Minimalist, Colorful, Bold Lines, Blue, Red, Light Gray, Black

Basketball & Tennis is a graphic design project shared by Jorge Espinoza. It has a classic pop-art almost style with thick black strokes and vibrant colors.