Евгения Овчинникова

Евгения Овчинникова

Евгения Овчинникова
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INTPs feel that knowledge is all we have to offer. Rattling off information and the results of our research is not trying to impress you or make you feel stupid; sharing it is how we feel of value.

It makes me think Ethan might turn out to be an INTP. The kid is a walking encyclopedia/dictionary and spouts off so many facts without stopping to take a breath.

It's always "someone I know" or "someone I've known for a while" instead of the word friend. It's never "friend." "Friend" is too subjective.

I am an INTP and my boyfriend is an ENFP. We legitimately had this conversation today about how he has a million "friends" and how I won't even call someone I have worked with and hang out with on the occasion my friend.

All Time Low

All Time Low - Lost In Stereo one of the best atl songs ever

"Oh, there's always time to change your mind Oh,can you hear me?????Oh, let it drift away."

Just because you cannot see them, it does not mean they are not here. I am surrounded by my guides and loved ones, they are by my side forever and always. Believe in the' magic' that is within us all, let your spirit shine!