Homemade Samoas Girl Scout Cookies

Homemade Samoas Cookies

"Together is our favorite place to be"

Together is our favorite place. I like "Together is the best place to be"- this is a cute quote


29 Homemade Kids Halloween Costume Ideas - I love costumes! So excited our baby girl is arriving on Halloween month!

Whoever made this deserves an award for making awesome things

Hold Close as fue., The End '. Of all things, THIS made me cry. So many damn feels I don't know what to do with myself. Hold Close as fue The End ' Of all things THIS made me cry So many damn feels I don't know what to do with myself


I need to get my cartilage piercing on my right ear re-done. And then I want to get 2 more lobe piercings and get one of these earings with the chains.

Maggie Smith behind the scenes.  She was battling cancer and filmed the last two movies while undergoing chemo. Classiest lady ever. <3

Funny pictures about Badass Maggie Smith. Oh, and cool pics about Badass Maggie Smith. Also, Badass Maggie Smith.

half sparkle nails.

Glitter nail art designs have become a constant favorite. Almost every girl loves glitter on their nails. Glitter nail designs can give that extra edge to

long layered wavy hair

O my gosh I love Lucy hale and pretty little liars and her hair is always so pretty!