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15 Things to Hang on Your Walls That AREN’T Posters via Brit + Co.

15 Things to Hang on Your Walls That AREN’T Posters


balloon decorations without helium. Smart since there is a global helium shortage and people really need to stop using helium for parties

Balloon Decoration Ideas - Kids Kubby


paper airplane centerpiece

wedding centerpieces | Rooted in Love


Arctic Series by Hug A Porcupine. Inspired by the white and blue hues of the Winter season, as well as the arctic elements. Each brooch packaging card comes with our logo hot stamped in matt white foil, especially for this collection. Available in 7 designs: • Arctic Fox • Cabin • Arctic Owl • Nordic Houses • Igloo • Iceberg • Seal Shop online here: www.hugaporcupine.com/collections/arctic

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Novak’s The Book with No Pictures comes by its title honestly; the book is one filled with only words, in different fonts and colors and sizes. Funny, creative, and smart, the book, which forces the reader to say a slew of ridiculous words, is guaranteed to get a laugh out of any kid you know.

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20 Beautiful Long Hairstyles Ideas for Round Faces

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I knew I had seen this pic before. I wonder how this chick would feel about the facebook imposter using her image!!!

14 Fabulous Long Layered Haircuts With Bangs - Pretty Designs


17 Amazing Long Straight Hairstyles for Women | Pretty Designs

17 Amazing Long Straight Hairstyles for Women - Pretty Designs


Fun DIY Craft Ideas – 72 Pics - I would do this with a different color on the wall behind the picture :)

Pin by Nicole Booth on DIY | Pinterest


game. changer.

game. changer. | Simple Design Home

  • Gina Alessi
    Gina Alessi

    ummm time to buy some wood and start designing stuff

  • Nicole Angeles
    Nicole Angeles


The cast of a fantastic movie as The Hobbit - frodo baggins gandalf bilbo baggins fili kili oin dwalin gloin balin bifur bombur bofur nori ori thorin oakenshield Gollum legolas galadriel elrond Saruman bard Thranduil the desolation of smaug radagast tauriel beorn

the cast of THE HOBBIT


Guys? Guys! GUYS! Do you have any idea what this is?! Queen. As in, Legolas' mom. As in, Mrs. Thranduil. As in, the-lady-no-one-knows-anything-about. ASDFGHJKL!!! If you don't get it, I'm sorry. Meaning that I feel sorry for you.

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Hahaha!! This is perfect! Legolas and Thranduil as Bambi and the Great Prince! :-)

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how to break in your shoes in less than 2 minutes. bye-bye blisters! everyone in the world needs to know this!

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need this for all my brown wrapping paper! (Lisa says- I have brown paper too. Cute for Christmas with red, green and white stamps too!)

Vitamin-Ha – DIY Gift wrap ideas (14 Pics)


This gif is my life

9GAG - Forever Alone No More!


Donut seeds

Donut seeds - Funny Pics


Easy Video DIY How to Make a Custom Print Tshirt using @Lumi Inkodye Screen printing with the sun @savedbyloves

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Can definitely name a few of these! And they probably will re-pin thinking it is about someone else! The lengths one will go is just amazing. Once a liar always a liar....

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Silver trays are only $1 at The Dollar Tree, then paint with chalkboard paint!

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How to Make Your Nail Polish Dry Fast - and for Free

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DIY Monogram Antique Window - simple way to make your own monogram on any piece of glass.

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