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If their name isn't Jehovah who is God Almighty, their opinion doesn't matter and their approval isn't needed.


Hey kids you wanna see some sweet pics?

chale, esto debería tatuármelo en algún lado... narf

Great Advice Your mood should not dictate your manners.: Your mood should not dictate your manners.


This is such a good way to describe my amazing wonderful family! my bunch of crazies. // Home is where my bunch of crazies are :) quote

Heavenly Father help me. Dying to self is so difficult and painful to admit. You see, I have to look at my flaws my cracks to let your light shine through. Fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I, self will diminish and you will flourish with each passing moment instead of me. Help me that I may be a reflection of you❤️

Thanking God for bringing it into my life again ;) DYING TO SELF! I Die you? reaching the world w/the word of God 1 SEED at a time

Want!!! This really gets to the point

One day, when I am a mother, I will replace "put away your laundry" with many things and put these all over the house. Also, maybe a few that say "love, your wife.

Haha love this; I don't even have heels that are very high lol

This was me when they always mess a thing saying rude things of how I wore high heels at school. Don't worry honey, I got heels higher than your standards.

'Life is a party, dress like it. - Audry Hepburn

'Life Is a Party' Trinket Tray

"Life is a party, dress like it." Love this Audrey Hepburn inspired tray! My girl, Audrey.


Drives me crazy. Chew your food with your mouth closed, so I don't regurgitate mine.