Great ideas for number line games - hands-on math activities :: spring math activities

Flower number line games - NurtureStore

How To Integrate Nursery Rhymes Into Your Classroom Lessons

Who's Who and Who's New: How To Integrate Nursery Rhymes Into Your Classroom Lessons

Sunny Sums

Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten: Do You Need A Survival Kit?

Cut, Do & Glue- Spring Math morning work

Cut, Do & Glue- Spring Math

Buggy Addition math problems!

The Moffatt Girls: Summer Review Packet for Kindergarten!

Cut and paste Spring Math Word problems with built in manipulatives!!

The Moffatt Girls: Spring Math Word Problems with a FREEBIE!

Lucky to Be in First!: Math Mania!

Lucky to Be in First!: Math Mania!

Number Gators (Greater Than, Less Than Symbols Song)

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(sample page) Kindergarten Common Core Solving Math Problem Strategy Posters for the Classroom. $

Solving Math Problems {Strategy Posters for Addition} Common Core

Part, Part, Whole

Wild about Teaching!: Math Monday is BAACK!!: Animal Plate Math

Addition and Subtraction facts the fun way! Bubble Gum Math keeps kids blowing through their math facts!

First Grade Critter Cafe': Found my Sweet Tooth using Bubble Gum Math!

Interactive Math Notebook for FIRST GRADE! Unit 1: Counting and Writing Numbers -- Daily entries for a month! This will be a great warm up for our daily lesson or for morning work. $

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FREEBIE~ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Nursery Rhyme with Math Printables.


FREEBIE - Solving word problems using multiple strategies. Word problems includes pictures to help students read independently

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Addition Story Templates to Go With Book, If You Were a Plus Sign (from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten; free)

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Fun with Addition! {Freebies}

Classroom Freebies: Place Value Tree

Classroom Freebies: Place Value Tree

Instead of 100 board cut-outs, try these number puzzles. Students work on one more, one less, ten more, and ten less while putting them together.

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Number Puzzles in the Bag!

The Hundreds Thief: One "thief" steals 10 numbers from the hundreds chart. The "detectives" have to tell you what numbers are missing.

Fabulous in First: A Day in the Life: Photo Edition

Freebie! Kindergarten math and literacy - 4 pages from January Print-That's it!

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Numbers and Operations - This could also go in Algebra because older grades could use these problems to solve for an "x". However, I just really like this concept to get students to see that there are a number of ways to look at a problem.

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Part Part Whole Practice

math center - place value teens

Mrs. Swanson's Kindergarten Blog - PM: Tricky Teen Numbers

Cut up sponges to make french fries & use french fry boxes to create a counting game. Match the correct amount of fries with the number on the fry box. (From the Hive)

25 More DIY Educational Activities for Kids

$ Quantity, Position and Sequence Concepts for Your Cowboys and Cowgirls! Target vocabulary concepts in speech therapy critical for math and following classroom directions #speechsprouts #speechtherapy

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Practice larger numbers (11-19) with "Teen Number Sorts" ... Great for class work, math centers, and/or homework. #teennumbers #math $

Teen Number Sorts {Early Math Sorting Series, Set #4}

If you were a plus sign, you would add things together. You could add people and animals. You could add up and down or side to side. What else could you do if you were a plus sign? #math

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