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We long for fairytales in a world full of nightmares ~

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Tea and adventures

Pinkies Up! | Her Campus

I agree with this. Even for moms, single moms. Just because you've started a family doesn't mean life stops. Family first always, but remember to take care of yourself as well.

That Kind Of Woman

Girl, interrupted - Winnona Ryder. Love this film, there's a really relatable element to it

Girls interrupted

Definitely. Dreams deferred are often life's biggest regrets behind not spending enough time with friends and family.

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14 Best John Green Quotes - Inspiring Quotes From John Green Books - Seventeen

14 Best John Green Quotes!

This town will always be too small for all the dreams held inside my head. I'm sorry but I cannot stay.

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May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave. ----find a good font and get this as a tattoo

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25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer

People who don’t like cats…

Love this... :) Fairytales Dragons by MattesWorks

Fairytales Dragons by MattesWorks on deviantART

Poem from The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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"Someday you will be old enough, to start reading fairytales again." -- C.S. Lewis

Fairytale Quotes - Simply Stacie

Once upon a time, there was a little girl born...

Your Once Upon a Time (Uchtdorf quote) | Helaman Gallery


Quote of the Week - San Diego is Awesome

I have always loved this saying and have bought the husband so many cards that say this! So sweet!!

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Love this movie <3! Me and mom used to watch it every time it came on tv. I finally bought it and when I watch it, it reminds me of us haha. Weird since this movie is fucked but still haha

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Text Your Ex Back Info


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This Is Why I Can’t Sleep At Night…

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Love this... Cute :)

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Dont forget, to love yourself! #IINspire2013

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