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Valentines for the birds ;) 3/4 cup birdseed mix w' 1 small pkg of Knox gelatin, twine and 1/4 c. water. Dissolve knox in simmering water, cool slightly. Add birdseed and mix well until coated. Spoon into molds, press in twine. Freeze for couple hours. Then unsold. Let dry for a day or two & then put outside for birds :)

Fried Marbles, yeh you heard right lol!!! Fry some up and display in a pretty bowl

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I wanted to get a cardio workout in today but I was missing one thing: You.

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mother daughter or best friend bracelets - you are my sunshine my only sunshine ♥

Books for daughters that are about brave girls rather than just pretty princesses.

Lay down big puzzle pieces and spray paint over them. Wait until they dry to take them off. hmm...

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This happens to me every single time.