Nikki Prowse

Nikki Prowse

Southern California / Professional Realtor, Working Mommy, Girlfriend to my Handsome Hubby, Christian, Conservative and Artist (time permiting) Not necessarily in that order.
Nikki Prowse
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Article about "Lucy" by Answers in Genesis - Lucy and Selective Use of Evidence

Update:Lucy: Did She Walk Like Us? We've found more complete fossils of Lucy's species. We now know what she looked and moved like. She did not walk like us because she and her kind were apes. Answers in Genesis.

Want to paint a piece of furniture, but not sure where to start? Look no further. These are the must have tools and supplies for painting furniture.

The ULTIMATE LIST of the best products to use for painting furniture! 12 Must Have Tools and Supplies for Painting Furniture(Best Paint Tools)

Every day is Halloween

Jack o lantern art halloween rip halloween pictures halloween images halloween ideas jack o lantern tombstone

Sage is one of the oldest medicinal plants being used since ancient Egypt. By then it was used to stop bleeding wounds and for disinfection, also having curative properties in gastric diseases. An old proverb says “who has sage in the garden does not need a doctor”, and reality perfectly reflects this sayings. In the...

Sage – gray hair regains its color and teeth become whiter. Discover beauty recipes behind this plant - Golden Healthy Life

A steampunk octopus ring

There are 5 tips to buy these jewels: ring octopus jewelry bracelets hand jewelry beach tentacles octapus bracelets mermaid.