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You Have My Whole Heart For My Whole Life Pallet Sign Handpainted Sign Wedding Bride Groom Anniversary Rustic Wood Sign Bedroom Wall Art

Only with God

She looked back & marveled how far she had come. She didn't wonder how she made it. She already knew the answer. Only with God's help had she powered through. For without His strength she could do nothing.

Amen! Gods timing is perfect timing

I need to remember this more often. Thank you, Lord for your awesome love and infinite wisdom.

The things that excite you are not random.  They are connected to your purpose.  Follow them.

Science and new discoveries excite me. Talking about and seeing art excites me. People who are excited by what they love excite me!

Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description you are always one decision away from a totally different life - what a fantastic thought


"The next time satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future." (I never capitalize satan, but i love to capitalize GOD!

Are you ready for the simplest tutorial around? I will show you how to make a tied fleece blanket for everyone on your shopping list. Get ready to snuggle!

I like to use a pattern & a plain color fleece. I am making an adult size, but here are numbers for smaller size blankets: 2 yds = adult size blanket, 1 yd = toddler, 1 yd = baby.

Check out the tutorial: #DIY Pom Pom Rug! #crafts #homedecor

This DIY craft for a bright colored pom pom rug adds a bit of fun home decor to kid bedrooms.