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Those people aren't worth any sort of time.-- Mean people you simply ignore!! For sure!!! Two-faced people can only act nice for so long, their ugliness always comes out!

Mean people don't bother me. Mean people who disguise themselves as nice people bother me. So, be nice and be real. Don't be fake.

I don't play games, hide behind fake online names or spread rumors about people that are not true. Can't handle my truth? Then you don't deserve my presence. :)

I'm not sorry I'm not perfect.I'm sorry you think it wasn't good enough. And I entirely disagree that it was not enough, In fact I think it was way too much.But that's just my opinion.

She distanced herself to save herself.

She distanced herself to save herself. Toxic people, relationships, and situations will get you nowhere

how i feel right now...

Today I'd like to sit and read, Forget I have a job I need, Ignore the things I have to do, and just enjoy a book or two. Nearly every single day!

Socially Awkward Penguin - has terrific memory acts forgetful to not seem like a stalker This is you

I DO THIS ALL THE TIME! Haha I always remember people's names but pretend I don't until the right amount of time has passed! The socially awkward penguin gets me!

My #1 job as a mother is to protect my kids. I will not allow ANYONE to hurt them physically or psychologically. Don't believe me? TRY ME!

I may not be a mother, but I practically raised my siblings (my mom doesn't call me the second mom for nothing :)) and I feel the same way about them. DO NOT HURT MY KIDS.