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10 Infographics That Will Help You Sleep Better Effortlessly

10 great ways to start your day — 30 day sleep challenges — Don’t hit snooze As tempting as it is to get those extra couple of minutes in bed, it is actually doing you more harm than good.

LOL, have had these places to report to, seldom thankfully

My fondest childhood memory is not having to spend 40 hours a week with people who make me angry and tired so I can buy paper towels and laundry detergent.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 30 Pics

To non horse people, a smiling donkey.to horse people, a mini donkey whose ears are flat back, teeth bared and about to bite your head off- lol ツ

33 Funny Pictures for Today Dummies of the Year

33 Funny Pictures for Today

33 Funny Pictures for Today Dummies of the Year View Full Article


Yes, please. I do not have a compass so therefore your directions mean nothing to me.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 36 Pics

Colorado Springs Funny Images AM, Friday October 2016 PDT) – 45 pics

22 pics that will probably leave you nodding and smiling.

More truths

They should put prizes in your tampon box. Your period sucks, but here's a off ice cream, you cranky bitch. Funny period menstruation time of the month humor