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Just because you surrender doesn't mean it's over, just that you've lost todays battle, NOT tomorrows war but once you give in FINALLY surrender, you'll forget

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It is my job to create something beautiful every day.

#HairStylist Very cool scissors hairclip For more visit my blog :)

Seamless Floral Pattern With Red Flowers On Monochrome Background

Forearm tattoo if I didn't already have an elephant?

Vector geometric animals: Wolf

Super Cute Fox & Camera I would do something like this but smaller and with a fawn

Adorable Geometric Animal Tattoos by Sven Rayen

Healing Cavities (A True “We’ve-Done-It!” Story!)


Nail Polish shelf for Chalea J on Etsy, $33.64 CAD

How to Create a Mason Jar Organizer to reduce bathroom clutter. that is one great idea

cute entry way decor and I will try to have this in my home some how!!!

old door cut in half and turned into a corner shelf

Wooden Beam Light Fixture | DIY Lighting | Home Lighting | Great Room | Living Room | Rustic Lamps | Rustic Decor | Cabin Lighting | Cabin Life

Flip the shelf upside down and install at an angle to hold laundry baskets. Fantastic idea!