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The Ugly Truth of Publishing & How BEST to Support Writers rom Kristin Lamb

When you are working on freelance writing assignments, you may get an assignment that includes doing an interview with someone.  Obviously when contacting said person, you want to let them know a little bit about what your article is going to be about.  However, I found out recently that there is a thin line between …

Freelance Writing Adventures: Don't Say Too Much - The Pink Bookworm

How to create digital freebies for your blog, PLUS a free digital project planner! >>

Does what it says on the tin and a must for those who understand people are more important than product xkx

Building an email list is an often overlooked or confusing aspect of growing an online business, but it is crucial to being successful. As such, we sat down with Bryan Harris to ask him his tips for email list growth.

If I had to choose ONE marketing activity that MUST be done to launch or grow your online business, I would always answer 'list building'.