Don’t be afraid to show off your DORK side (34 photos)

Hang on tight!

"You flipped the bitch switch, so buckle up and enjoy the ride asshole." This is SOOOOOO me!


Funny pictures about Beetlejuice meets the Joker. Oh, and cool pics about Beetlejuice meets the Joker. Also, Beetlejuice meets the Joker.


Avalon Camelot King Arthur: The Sword in the Stone. The technology of sword making required knowledge of pouring iron into a stone mold.


Gambit has this natural charm, with his smirk, accent, the way he talks to Rogue makes you want to keep him for yourself in this picture shows how much of a mystery he actually is ---- Gambits my favorite X-Men

Tetris shelves

DIY Tetris shelves, absolutely adorable - love the colors. Perfect for a game room or a play room!

Grumpy Cat outside of bookstore

Grumpy Cat Outside of My Local Bookstore

Grumpy Cat Outside of Bookstore funny. Hahaha i won't be alone for Valentine's day, but I love this!