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Social Era

Social Era

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socialerarules by Nilofer Merchant via Slideshare

I love the deep thinking here. Nilofer Merchant tells it like it is - companies can't just pay lip service to being open to ideas. Their processes of not only managing those ideas, but also how the organization governs itself, promotes people and makes decisions, must also display a similar level of openness. Otherwise, good ideas will continue to die early and unnecessary deaths at the hands of well-meaning but short-sighted managers.

Don't get hung up in the title on your business card. Because it does not define you. You define it.

Work is an act of Co-Creation.

Value Creation focuses on commitment, not transaction.

Money, while necessary, motivates neither the best people nor the best in people. Purpose Does.

Power in the Social Era comes from connections. Communities unlock creativity.

Scale happens through community, aligned by purpose.

Unleash the inherently collaborative nature of work -- like a herd of Gazelles running leaderlessly, but in perfect unison.

We will not tweak our way to the new.

Organizations that "let go at the top" will leap from opportunity to opportunity. #Socialera

Gazelles, not Gorillas.

An organization can and should be perpetually reinventing its constructs. And through this they shift the Innovators Dilemma.

Social Object is the shared value or purpose that unites us; it is not the product or the company.

When a community invests in an idea, it also co-owns it's success. Examples: Everpurse, Kickstarter, and Gov 2.0 ideas that Jen Palkadot is championing.

Gazelles create value by how they run together.

Value creation is not always a function of a job. See TEDx or Patients Like Me or Fold It. Value happens where value happens not just within the walls of an organization. Embrace that.

Social is not glued to the word Media. Social is much bigger than that.

No matter what some would have you believe it, Size no longer matters.

The connected economy means people create value not because of rank or title or affiliation but because of the way they create ideas together.

Anyone. Absolutely Anyone.

Onlyness. Until you can celebrate the ideas and experiences that ONLY you have, you can never truly create the value we need from you.

Individuals today can create value in ways that only Giant, Centralized organizations once Could. Not Gorillas,dominating over others but Gazelles, together in purpose.

The thesis of #newhow.

We celebrate the one in front (ala Batman) when we should also recognize the leadership models that allow greatness to come out in another (ala Alfred).