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Дарья Васильева

Дарья Васильева
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A nice, saturated image, maybe the sort of thing good for "Onkalo" or "Heat, Beat, and Treat"

Opthalite — Untitled by Dan Whitaker [Light Art - Light Installation - Light Painting - Light Exibithion]

This is a mixed media collage that really intrigues me, and makes me want to learn more about this artist.

Crazy Woman - Lisa Lara Bella by Marko Köppe. S) Forms of diffrent objects that construct (replace) face features. Combination of black and white photo image and bright colors of collage objects

Sometimes I overthink, but that's okay because my thoughts combine to form a piece of art.

Blow your mind with this all-over-print Artistic Bomb T-Shirt! This fully sublimated design features an explosion of color among black and white!

Trippy smoke

gif skate red girl trippy drugs weed marijuana smoke cannabis lsd cartoon indie pot Grunge drug acid psychedelic lips trip Smoking pin up lipstick tripping e-card hemp marlboro smoker psychedelia mole

1.	abstract: style of art that uses shapes, designs, textures, and colors in a way that may not look real but emphasizes moods or feelings.

One of my favorite contemporary artists. Quilt inspiration -- art by Maya Hayuk, The Opening, Apocabliss show at Anonymous Gallery.