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The Bifrost Bridge is an interstellar portal which allows instantaneous travel to any of the.


Asgard Realm Asgard, Capital City of Asgard, the Realm (City) Asgardia, replacement after the.




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Imperial Palace - home of Ann, seat of the Council of the United Planets

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Thor 2 The Dark World Official Still Photo Asgard City Thor: Ragnarok Set Photos…

The more I see of Asgard the more I'm convinced it's really Gallifrey. Maybe not the sky and trees but the cities look so similar!

Asgard, the Realm Eternal

Greatest table-flipping scene in cinematic history.

The Bifrost, the rainbow bridge of the gods, stretches out across the cosmic expanse, leading the way to the land of the Frost Giants, in this amazing new concept art from Marvel's Thor.

I know its not real....but hey I'd still like to go none the less!

12 Things You Didn& Know About Marvel& Asgard