Old Barns ~ Rustic Cabins

I love old barns and lived in different cabins growing up. Barns were my playground as a child :-)
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RUSTIC, RURAL, CLASSIC BARN: Beautiful color -- must have been stunning when freshly painted but weathered with time, it has its own distinctive look. Put a SUV instead of a tractor, Reminds me so much of my grandparents farm.

Beautiful photo ~~This jigsaw puzzle features an old barn nestled into the open space of a wheat field on a farm somewhere in Idaho.

Gray and Yellow by Tim Mulcahy

Gray and Yellow by Tim Mulcahy on Capture Wisconsin // Details of the old pump house, saddlery, milking parlor and silo of the yellow barn!

Comment one word that best describes this picture 👇🏼👇🏼This gives me all the warm feels!