Live Less Out of Habit Canvas Print

Okay I’m going to admit something embarrassing. Before I did this, I found the concept kind of eye-rolling. But intention setting might have just changed my entire relationship--for the better.

'All That I Am' Trinket Tray

''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' Thank u MOM!

Dealing with a bad day

Whenever I get a speeding ticket, my computer crashes, someone pisses me off, or I’m just plain grumpy–instead of falling into the “I’m having a bad day” trap (which then makes the rest of my day bad by default) I will simply choose to start my day over.

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More people need to understand that all if the stupid material things that you have or give, cool and fun as they may be, doesn't make you a better person. Making someone smile, holding someone's hand, showing you really care.....that's what counts!