En la isla de Niru siempre están pasando cosas, descúbrela
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a close up of a stuffed animal with chains on it's sides and eyes
Uno de los pocos Nirurus de arcilla
an origami kite with pink felt and white stitching on the end, sitting on a table
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Flyfly Rosa by Niruru on Etsy, €20.00
a green stuffed animal sitting on top of a basket next to some twine spools
Flyfly otoño
there are many different types of donuts on the table top, including one with a teddy bear
Globus Petit
there is a stuffed animal with flowers on it's head and yarn balls in the background
Gira durmiendo entre lanas
an arrangement of carrots and flowers in a vase
Los Pupperput en primavera
a close up of a badge on a piece of fabric with the word mr surprise written on it
Yavoy me esperan perdido por el arte
a small stuffed animal in a basket on a table
Zazu Vichy jugando al escondite
a small doll is sitting on top of a piece of fabric with an orange and white swirl in the background
Zazu siendo parte del cuadro
a person is holding a small flower made out of felt and fabric yarn, with other items in the background
No!, via Flickr.
a red stuffed animal with buttons on it's head and eyes, standing in front of some trees
Botones en el parque
Botones en el parque, via Flickr.
a pink and green flower sitting on top of a plant next to a leafy tree
Gira en los Realejos
Gira en los Realejos, via Flickr.
a stuffed toy is sitting in the middle of some green plants with leaves around it
Trópico en los Realejos
Trópico en los Realejos, via Flickr.
an orange flower on a tree in the woods
Flyfly en Anaga
Flyfly en Anaga, via Flickr.
a stuffed animal with balloons attached to it's back in front of some boats
Globus de excursió por el puerto de Mataró