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Pennywise chillin’ on a porch. | 40 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Horror Movies

Quint here with today's Behind the Scenes pic! Oh, Tim Curry I love you so much. For all its faults the TV adaptation of Stephen King's IT succeeded in one crucial way: the casting of Tim Curry as Pennywise the Dancing.

Don't microwave a cell phone, you might summon Satan.

Why you shouldn't microwave a cell phone. IT'S LIKE THE REBIRTH OF VOLDEMORT? It's like the cell phone is a demon. It finally escapes in the heat or leaves the phone. Maybe it thought it finally arrived in hell? true

Funny pictures about Holiday Expectations vs. Oh, and cool pics about Holiday Expectations vs. Also, Holiday Expectations vs.

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Porch of the Caryatids | Parthenon, Athens | | The trip you want. The help they need.

Porch of the Caryatids, Parthenon, Athens, Greece.According to a theory, the name of Parthenon means the "temple of the virgin goddess" and refers to the cult of Athena Parthenos that was associated with the temple.